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What makes ERG! different?

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Here's what other people say about ERG! Bars.

"I’m pretty picky about what I eat and

ERG bars totally fit into my idea of

healthy food that tastes great."

Kelly Patterson - High School Teacher/Bicycle Racer (Bob Bruce Photography)

"My favorite flavour ! All the way from Auistralia. Thank you ERG Bars!"

LucyBartholmew - Trail Runner - Victoria, Australia

As an athlete and hypoglycemic; I have always had a tough time finding training food or meal replacement snacks. When I found ERG, it hit all the buttons. Compact in size. Can be opened without using two hands and brute force. It’s calorie dense. Has the fewest pronounceable natural ingredients. They taste real. The most important though, is that it did not spike my insulin. I love these little food bars between bigger meals if I feel my blood glucose crashing. I like the personal attention I get from the customer service. I look forward to new flavors. I found a winner.

Dave Reed - Cyclist - Dog Walker - Picky Eater