You don't have to be a Chemist to read our label, it's just real food.

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What makes ERG! Fruit & Nut Bars so different?

Here's what other people say about ERG! Bars.

Hello Dennis and Katy,
Your ERG bars worked great in my sailing up and down the eastern seaboard. Attached is a photo of my friend Edmund, last June in the Strait of Belle Isle between Newfoundland and Labrador. Icebergs in the background. That day we had sustained (unforecasted...) 40+ following winds, gusts over 50, big following seas, and dodging bergy bits. Fun. 

"Two Dot" - March 26 2016

"The thing I like most about the ERG bars is that they are small and pack a lot of energy. They are equal to three of the other bars so when you compare prices you have to factor that in! They are not for people on a diet; they are for active people who need an energy boost."

John Heiam - January 2017

"I’m pretty picky about what I eat and ERG bars totally fit into my idea of healthy food that tastes great."

Kelly Patterson - High School Teacher/Bicycle Racer (Bob Bruce Photography)

"My favorite flavour ! All the way from Auistralia. Thank you ERG Bars!"

LucyBartholmew - Trail Runner - Victoria, Australia

"Another 100 miles fueled by ERG bars."

Ryan Heidenfeld and Valerie Litznnerski - UltraEndurance Cyclists - Team Clark Logic