Sunflower Fig ERG! Fruit & Nut Bar

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ERG! Sunflower Fig Energy Bar

Figs are rich in potassium, and Sunflower Seeds are packed with with vitamin E. What could be tastier, or healthier than both of these super foods blrnded together in one tidy package .... a nutty bar with figs and honey. The ingredient list is short too: figs, sunflower seeds, raw almonds, local Star Thistle Honey, organic rolled oats and organic apples.

 Our clear wraper lets you see what's really in our bars. 
What are all the other bars hiding ?

Today’s supermarket shelves are stocked high with energy bars claiming healthy benefits, but most are just cookies or candy bars in disguise. Unlike these nutritional imposters, ERG! Sunflower Fig bars are made with only healthy foods to actually fuel your body for anything from an afternoon at work or a marathon on the weekend..