Fresh, Simple, Real.

Our product, packaging and displays are designed to reinforce our three primary attributes.
ERG! bars are delivered to you fresh from our own production facility.
Packaging is simple and clean. Customers can actually see what they get.
Today's food conscious consumers want products made with real food.

12 Bar Boxes All seven flavors of ERG! Energy Fruit & Nut Bars are available in single-flavor 12 bar boxes. These boxes measure 4" wide by 10" deep and are adaptable to a variety of store display configurations. Original 18 Bar Box ERG! Fruit & Nut Bars are also still available in these point-of-sale boxes, which are shown below. They measure 9.5" x 7.5" x 2".

Zoomer Display Originally developed for our coffee shop dealers who have limited counter display space, the custom plexiglass display shown below has a 7" x 5" footprint, and has doubled sales in dealers and eliminates the cardboard waste of the original 18 bar box. Order bulk ERG! refill boxes of 25 or 50 count and save a tree.

Seasonal bike and ski shops use the Zoomer Display plus 12 bar boxes during the busy seasons - then use only the Zoomer during the off-season to keep a smaller fresh inventory.

Plastic Thermoforming, Digital Cutting, and Wide Format Printing: Zoomer Displays Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Grocery Display Our grocery display has only a 12+ x 16" footprint, but it can hold over $900 in retail product.

Pictured here are 2 x Twelve Bar Boxes in 8 flavors and 4 x ERG!bites boxes in 8 flavors.

Fresh, Simple, and Real. ERG!

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